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Conservation Score Card for the Wisconsin Legislature, including Honor Roll & Dishonor Roll, WLCV.  Also includes the important conservation bills that moved through the legislative process.

Once it's gone it's lost forever - photo slide show

Thousands of Indian artifacts on proposed Kohler golf course, 5/8/16, Journal Sentinel

Read the Archaeological Investigation Report prepared for Kohler Co.; including Army Core of Engineers and Wisc. Historical Society letters, or see the condensed version here
Fight Intensifying over Kohler golf course, WTMJ 4, 5/9/16

Kohler's land use agreement with DNR at State Park

"What Steward of the Environment cuts down a forest in 2016 for a golf course? What Steward of the Environment eliminates animal habitat shared with a State Park? Who installs 5 high capacity wells in a Town entirely dependent on wells, bringing its golf course water consumption to over 250 million gallons a year--IN THE MIDDLE OF A STATE GROUNDWATER CRISIS?"

Friends of Black River Forest Message Heard at Bernie Sanders Rally, 4/2/16
Watch the video or read the Read the transcript

Sign the Petition: Ask the Kohler Company to stop bullying the Town of Wilson

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Bill Expanding Waterfront Property Rights Gets Walker's Signature  4/28/16

In its original form, Kerry Schuman, the executive director for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, called the bill a "grab bag" for developers. She said she still has concerns about the legislation, which she said allows developers to fill in some wetlands that aren’t federally protected. Bill was sponsored by Frank Lasee, Senator Cowles and Senator Olsen.

Why Must Town of Wilson Residents Must Pay Kohler Bills to Insure their Safety? 3/25/16


Where we are in the process for the proposed golf course

The DNR is following the environmental impact statement (EIS) process for review of the proposed golf course project. There are links to all of the following on the DNR website, including:

  • Kohler's Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and the DNR's response
  • Kohler's response to the DNR on the EIR
  • Well pump memos
  • Bird, plant and mammal surveys
  • Wetland delineation reports
  • much more


Expert opinions on Kohler's EIR

From an environmental attorney:

"The environmental impact report (EIR) that Kohler has prepared does not fully explore or acknowledge this project's significant environmental and other impacts. It provides some useful data but, overall, is better characterized as advocacy than informational." Read the full comment from attorney Christa Westerburg


From a professor who teaches how to write and grade EIRs:

"Were I to grade this (Kohler's) EIR, I would give it a B+ for investigation (though much of the source material is not provided) and a D- for communication of the results truthfully... Missing from the communication aspect of the report was any sense of responsibility to reveal the magnitude and permanence of the alterations proposed, work which the DNR must now perform in its EIS. The reality is that the proposed project will drastically and permanently alter the landscape and ecology of this large remnant of minimally-disturbed lakeshore habitat, and no feasible amount of avoiding, minimizing, IPMing or BMP’s will change that." Read the full letter from Quentin J. Carpenter Ph. D. and his response to the updated, second EIR from Kohler.


  • The DNR's review of Kohler's EIR (Environment Impact Report), 5/22/15
  • Kohler Co.'s Environmental Impact Study for Proposed Golf Course, 4/9/15
  • DNR Public Hearing - Read the Letters written to the DNR by concerned citizens at the public scoping
  • Town of Wilson Conditional Use Permit approval process
  • Excel Engeering Analysis – “The consulting company used the Theis Equation to analyze the pump test results. The Theis Equation is only applicable when the aquifer is homogeneous and isotropic and water is released from storage within each point of the aquifer. The Kohler site is a fractured bedrock aquifer and satisfies neither of these requirements. As a result, the concentric circles depicted in the drawdown contour maps of the Excel report are certainly misleading.”


For more lots more information see our References page


Other News:


Radium levels rise in Wisconsin tap water - "Growing populations and increased demand for water have caused the aquifer to become one of the most depleted in the country...“Part of the reason we are seeing high levels of radium is that the flow field was energized by over-pumping.” March, 2016 article


Friends of the Black River Forest recently met with the DNR Board and presented this overview.

AB477/SB291 GROUNDWATER BILL - Friends, this is a disastrous attack on our water and allows no defense against water depletion from high capacity wells. Here is our summary of the major points. And this is just the tip of the iceberg--the bill is long and complicated.

Rewriting the rules-Wisconsin Legislature is eroding protections of the state’s water resources, Mar, 2016

Number of polluted waters in state, counties continue to rise - Many environmentalists say that the number of polluted waterways proposed for the list that flow into Lake Michigan is particularly alarming because of the Great Lakes's importance as the largest source of fresh water in the world, supplying drinking water and recreational opportunities for millions of people.":  Feb. 2016 article

Wisconsin an 'arsenic hot spot' - Jan, 2016

Politicized environmental agency threatens Wisconsin’s water, critics say - Nov, 2015

The vanishing lakes of Wisconsin’s central sands - Many locals blame high capacity wells. In 1950 there were fewer than 100 in the region; today there are more than 3,000. Nov, 2015

Legislative Republicans Turn their Backs on Wisconsin’s Lakes and Wetlands, 02/16

Kohler has listed these areas as benefits to the Town of Wilson. We disagree!


Premiere golf recreational venue

This is not a benefit to the Town of Wilson, for the many reasons stated on this website, but chiefly it is against the Town's 20 Year Comprehensive Plan to preserve our natural areas and calls for REFORESTATION not deforestation. A premiere golf venue is a benefit for Kohler Hospitality. Most Town of Wilson residents cannot pay $400 for a round of golf.


Additional tourists

Obviously they never looked at the survey of residents contained in the 20 Year Comprehensive Plan.  There is no one who expressed a desire for additional tourists in the Town of Wilson. We chose to live here because of the area's natural beauty, peace and quiet and its hundred-plus year dedication to preserving the woods. Black River is a residential area.


Creation of additional jobs for the community

Why should the Town of Wilson pay such a high price for a few additional seasonal, low-paying jobs? Professional caddies will come from down south, because they work there in the winter and travel to northern golf courses in the summer. 400 golf pros have recently been let go from a major sporting goods chain, so they will be looking for jobs. Maybe the well drillers will make more money when our wells have to be dug deeper. The road builders will benefit when Kohler demands access for their tournaments.


Addition economic stimulus through construction and trade

The destruction of the forest and construction of new buildings is a one-time event. How many town residents or businesses will benefit from this project?


Marketing to attract visitors to the southern gateway of Sheboygan County including the State Park, Sanderling Nature Center, etc.

Again, residents are not living here to draw tourism to the area, exactly the opposite. Kohler-Andrae State Park is already one of the most highly used parks in the state. This point just simply makes us feel like they think we are stupid. The two gas stations and two restaurants may get more business. How does this benefit the Town of Wilson?


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© Copyright 2016 Friends of the Black River Forest