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Air Quality Concerns



2017 DNR Wisconsin Air Quality Trends Report

"The information in this report is based on high quality data collected by Wisconsin’s monitoring network. The data helps demonstrate the long-term trend of overall improving air quality in Wisconsin, and this report is one way of sharing this information with the general public. Understanding long-term trends in air quality is critical for understanding progress with air quality issues and for guiding decisions that impact the citizens of Wisconsin."

Toxic Air Emissions would not be limited anymore under AB587 and SB459

334. That's how many facilities in the state of Wisconsin are emitting toxic pollutants that are covered under state, but not federal, standards. Each marker on our map shows these facilities.

If the legislature gets its way, every facility on our map would be allowed to be pollute hazardous emissions, with no limits. We could see millions of pounds of new toxic pollutants choke Wisconsin's air. That's bad news for everyone who relies on clean air.

Is one of these facilities near you?

Through the Toxics Release Inventory, EPA “tracks the management of toxic chemicals that may pose a threat to human health and the environment.” All of the toxic pollution shown on the linked map is currently regulated by the Wisconsin DNR, but not at the federal level. This means it would all be without limits going forward if the recent proposal to rollback protections goes through.


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