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Letters of Concern

The remarks below were submitted to the Town of Wilson Plan Commission


I enjoy playing golf and seeing wildlife, especially identifying birds. In this case, I oppose the construction of another golf course. Wetlands, a forest, and a natural Lake Michigan shore with all the associated ecology are far superior to another golf course. How can such natural irreplaceable assets be compromised for a golf course? The proposed development is not targeted for the public at large but rather for a much fewer number who hope to make money from the venture. Government officials at local level and state level need to show backbone and protect our natural heritage. Jonathan


There are plenty of golf courses in Wisconsin; take away one of the wetlands of Wisconsin, and you'll never, ever get it back. Sue


As President of a Wild Ones Chapter, our goal is to promote the use of native plants and habitat restoration. This golf course does exactly the opposite. Not only will you destroy critical habitat for plants and wildlife, you will take away an important stop over area for migrating wildlife. The chemical used on this golf course will kill native plants and wildlife, and destroy the environment. Golf courses use excessive amounts of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides to keep the golf course grass (non-native) in shape for golf. The grass only uses about ten percent of these chemicals, the other roughly ninety percent goes into the ground, and filters directly into the water tables. Once in the water tables, the chemicals go into wells for drinking water, and flow out into Lake Michigan. These chemicals are pure poison in our drinking water, and cause algae bloom in our lakes and rivers, which is also poison in the form of bacteria. The air pollution caused by the mowers that run constantly at a golf course is astronomical. We are losing our valuable natural resources at an alarming rate. Our native plant communities help to filter some of this air & water pollution, but cannot keep up because we keep making more pollution, and killing off more & more native plants. These native plant communities host native insects, that are critical food for wildlife like birds and reptiles. Our environmental diversity is quickly declining, and studies show that a less diverse plant community leads to a virtual environmental dessert. Every time we disturb a native plant community, we open the door to more invasives. For more information, please visit the Wild Ones web page; I enthusiastically ask you to please stop this destruction of native habitat, and preserve the environment for your constituents, as well as others around the state. Please vote no to the golf course. Bill


I am against the destruction of natural areas for profit and greed. Lori


Loss of wildlife & bird habitation. Thomas


We have enough golf courses that are almost unused. My county has lost several bird species to clear cutting so I have seen what happens when big trees are removed. Big trees are now becoming almost as rare as they were after the complete clear cut of the state by 1900. We were just getting it back. Please leave this area as is.  Robbye


Public property is owned and belongs to the public--the taxpayers. In Wisconsin, quality of life has historically revolved around preservation of contiguous ecosystems that protect water, wetlands, and woods as well as Lake Michigan shore as an integral whole ecology. Golf courses are notorious for applying extremely toxic substances in the form of a variety of -cides made from petroleum productions that weaken the health of all living organisms, plant-life, trees, wildlife, and water quality surrounding them. This is incompatible use with a river, wetlands, forest that drain into Lake Michigan where water quality must be maintained under The Great Lakes Water Quality Act. I believe that this proposal violates the spirit of the Great Lakes Water Quality Act and the tremendous work to ensure that the Great Lakes, including Lake Michigan, are not degraded. Degradation protection involves rejecting all projects that damage the integrity of the shoreland and the water quality draining into the Lake Michigan. As the river is navigable, the US Army Corps of Engineers must be contacted for input also. In addition, US EPA District impacted must weigh in with input. It is time to prevent destruction of the Black River Forest and its complete ecosystem. It is time to stop the imbalance that is destroying the earth's environment piece by piece. Susan


"Golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest waste of prime real estate in America." Rodney Dangerfield from the film Caddy Shack The greatest use of undisturbed prime real estate is to absorb it through the senses. The loss of such an experience is only one of the many external costs that will not be factored into the construction of this golf course. Kohler Co won't cover the debt. That bill gets paid from our Commons account. Jamey


Long term cost of a golf course (water, air, land damage) will be far greater to the taxpayers (millions) than gains of jobs. Employees of a golf course will simply have to pay back what they earned in higher taxes to clean their air and water. The rest of us will also be taxed for their benefit. Looks like a form of welfare to me. My guess is that those of us who enjoy outdoor sports other than golf will strongly oppose any harm to fishing, hunting, and other activities in Wisconsin's natural treasures. Mary


Please save the land for the next generations of Wisconsin to enjoy! Samantha


We need natural protected spaces more than we need another golf course. Kay


Please don't ruin a beautiful area of our state in which I spend a lot of time! Carol


Please help protect what little natural habitat remains. They are dwindling away and are sorely needed to support users - avian, mammal, amphibian, insect, plant life as well as humans. Delia


A golf course is a terrible mis-use of land. It hogs water, pollutes the ground water, and destroys habitat for birds and other creatures. Your plan is simply an "easy" money-maker. You are a natural park...act like it. Susan


Because I said so! Mark


The shoreline is needed as a migrant stopover habitat. We do not need a fifth golf course in Sheboygan County, at least not in this location. Elizabeth


Constructing a golf course where this forest remnant currently stands is neither environmentally or socially sustainable. Also being that it is along a major bird migration corridor, destroying the ecosystems that are there now will seriously degrade the food availability to migrating birds. This isn't just a problem for birds that are local, but those that are passing through into Canada and the arctic as well. Joni


Golf courses can be constructed in many places. Pristine habitat when gone, is gone forever. Pristine natural areas on the shore of Lake Michigan are rare. Rory


Natural areas are unique, precious, and rare. Things like golf courses should be built, if at all, on already degraded land where their presence would be an upgrade. Richard


This will take away parts of an existing state park, and destroy valuable wildlife habitat for migratory and nesting bird species, including the state endangered Golden-winged Warbler. Kyle


My family and I travel the state throughout the year visiting the wonderful natural areas that this state provides. Those accessible natural areas are an important part of this state and should remain intact for passive recreation. I am also concerned about the loss of vital migratory bird stopover habitat that will be lost with this project. Having quality habitat for birds to spend time during both spring and fall migration is vital to the survival of so many different migratory species as well as habitat for nesting birds in the area as well. To destroy this habitat for yet another golf course is unthinkable. Debra


The lakeshore habitat is an important migratory bird stopover. The recent conversion of a golf course in Ozaukee County to the highly successful Forest Beach Migratory Preserve illustrates the importance of this corridor. Adequate numbers of golf courses exist in southeast Wisconsin and although there are sometimes valid reasons for destroying sensitive natural habitat, building a golf course is not one of them. Thomas


We do not need another golf course, especially at the expense of shrinking habitat for plants and animals. David & Kerry


Habitat destruction and degradation of a unique ecosystem. Pollution associated with a golf course. Loss of other recreational value such as hiking and nature watching. Loss of vital migratory bird stopover site (which also attracts many bird watchers). Andy


We should not need to destroy our forests to make room for a FIFTH golf course. Who knows where this would lead if it is this easy to destroy parts of state forests. Where would it stop? Jake


There are MORE than enough golf courses!! Save the trees and the animals and birds that used the. Kohler has enough land! Laurie


Please continue to preserve this area of wildlife habitat as intact as possible. William


The present habitat is very important to the present and future bird population. Jodi


Destruction of an ecologically important site for the construction of a golf course would be a tragedy. Tony


Areas along the lake are notoriously prone to use by mankind that greatly diminish the value for wildlife. Please protect this area from golf course or other development. It is so important, especially for migrating birds. Chris


Does there really need to be an explanation? We are losing so much of what WI has to offer in ways of out door recreation, true out door recreation. There are plenty of golf courses for folks to use. Birds are loosing habitat. The animals are already having difficulty with people encroaching onto their space. Please NO more golf courses. Jean


The site chosen for the proposed golf course is an important site for migratory birds stopping over on their seasonal journeys. This type of habitat has been greatly reduced due to human destruction for development purposes and we need to preserve what little is left. Surely yet another golf course could be located in a less sensitive and important ecological area. Once such an area is destroyed you cannot get it back. Valerie


The destruction of natural resources has gone too far. We need to save what we have left. Jenna


A golf course would destroy wetlands, pollute the area via turf management methods; negatively affect avian migratory patterns, and encroach on a highly valued and cherished state park. The proximity to Lake Michigan is concerning due to pollution and habitat destruction. Jennifer


There are many alternative areas that could host a golf course, but pristine natural shoreline habitat is scarce, particularly in southern Wisconsin. These areas along Lake Michigan are important habitat for migratory birds, including game, non-game, and endangered species. Every town has at least one golf course, but a lakeshore natural area is a much greater asset to a community, providing year-round recreational, educational, and environmental benefits for all types of people and wildlife. Diane


I am for conservation, for the birds and wildlife. There is societal, environmental and economic value in preserving contiguous tracts of pristine habitat. I am SO TIRED of big money and a small percentage of our wealthy citizens controlling the destiny of our natural resources. Wisconsin needs to start caring again for the environment and the values of the average citizen not just the wealthy elite who have bought all the politicians responsible for moving this proposal forward. By and large who are the people who golf? The wealthy minority. Disgusting! Sadly, I feel little hope our voices will even be heard given the secretary for the DNR was hand-picked by Governor Walker. He and his cronies have no respect for our environment. They are guided by greed, money and the narrow-minded short-sightedness that goes with it. Wake up! THERE IS ECONOMIC VALUE IN PRESERVING OUR NATURAL RESOURCES. Cynthia


This would destroy a wild area. And golf courses use a lot of pesticides, which would be toxic for wildlife, as well as people. Genie


There are plenty of Golf courses and we need to keep habitat for wildlife. Sarah


Environmental impact on a beautiful piece of shoreline. Lucy


A functional golf course can be built in any location and landscaped to perfection. Natural habitat takes decades to perfect, and when disturbed, is not functional. Moving the course to another location, and then designing it so it actually provides both good natural habitat and attractive recreational opportunities, should be the objective here. Steve


There are many alternative areas that could host a golf course, but pristine natural shoreline habitat is scarce, particularly in southern Wisconsin. These areas along Lake Michigan are important habitat for migratory birds, including game, non-game, and endangered species. Every town has at least one golf course, but a lakeshore natural area is a much greater asset to a community, providing year-round recreational, educational, and environmental benefits for all types of people and wildlife. Diane


A golf course would destroy wetlands, pollute the area via turf management methods; negatively affect avian migratory patterns, and encroach on a highly valued and cherished state park. The proximity to Lake Michigan is concerning due to pollution and habitat destruction. Jennifer


The destruction of natural resources has gone too far. We need to save what we have left. Jenna


The site chosen for the proposed golf course is an important site for migratory birds stopping over on their seasonal journeys. This type of habitat has been greatly reduced due to human destruction for development purposes and we need to preserve what little is left. Surely yet another golf course could be located in a less sensitive and important ecological area. Once such an area is destroyed you cannot get it back. Valerie


There are so few areas of migratory habitat remaining along the Lake Michigan shoreline that it is vital outstanding areas like this are preserved. There are more than enough golf courses in the area!

 Stuart & Deborah


Geez, this seems like such a no-brainer. But let's think for a second. Who draws benefits from state or community-owned natural areas? Nature enthusiasts, birders, hikers, campers, fishermen, photographers, hunters, bikers, wildlife, native trees, mushrooms, wildflowers, insects, squirrels, and migratory birds. Who benefits from golf courses? A few upper-class patrons who happen to enjoy golf. Places like Black River Forest draw in all kinds of people, bring communities together, provide ecosystem services, and present ANYONE AND EVERYONE with the chance to enjoy something natural, unique, and irreplaceable. A golf course (which appeals to a very small, wealthy demographic) will do nothing of the sort. Maybe it'll make some money in the short term, but with another golf course located less than a mile away, I can't see how it would get much business. Natural areas also require very little maintenance, whereas golf courses must constantly pay for lawn care, application of herbicides, erosion control, golf cart maintenance, goose and wildlife-deterring features, fencing, artificial lighting, and debris removal. Removal of forest along the lakefront will also cause increased runoff into Lake Michigan, diminish Sheboygan's water quality, and could have significant consequences for the lake ecosystem in this area. In Wisconsin, forest along Lake Michigan is a valuable natural resource, and for it to be demolished in this way is a disgrace. Ari

Building a golf course would irrevocably damage existing flora and fauna and dramatically interfere with migratory animals. The habitat they need is already fragile. Further, there are plenty of golf courses already in the area, and golfing, by definition, limits public access to land to those who can afford the rather expensive pastime. It seems to me a very small minority of people would "benefit" from this development, and lots of other people as well as the natural world would be the losers in this deal. Suzy


The shoreline and Black River Forest provide unique, natural habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna, including birds on migration. This is land that is crucial to the stability of the environment. On the other hand, golf courses can be built pretty much anywhere. Indeed, people keep building golf courses. When's the last time someone built a forest or shoreline? Once they're destroyed, they're hard to bring back. Robert


There are so few areas of migratory habitat remaining along the Lake Michigan shoreline that it is vital outstanding areas like this are preserved. There are more than enough golf courses in the area! Stuart & Deborah


There are many ways for towns and cities to earn income which is compatible with conservation. A golf course is not one of those. There are many people and families in Wisconsin who are looking for ways to engage in silent sports and unplug from all their electronic devices. These activities can allow the property to be used by and suit the interests of a wider range of people than a golf course. Tiffany


Important remnant habitat must be protected! Nick


This forest type is rare and irreplaceable. In addition to this gem being destroyed, the golf course maintenance practices will poison the watershed. No exceptions. James


We have lost to much wildlife habitat to development. What remains should be preserved. Ramona



Do we really need to destroy more native landscapes? Mike


Our wetland ecosystems are endangered enough without deliberately harming our destroying them for profit. Please respect our wildlife and find other places to build recreational areas. Anna


WE need to preserve wetlands because our lives depend on unspoiled nature. No one's life is dependent on golf. Nancy


Intact natural communities are becoming all to rare in today's shortsighted society. The fact this one is along a major migratory route makes it all the more ecologically valuable. I hope our leaders consider the long term consequences of destroying this precious habitat. Daniel


We have enough golf courses, we don't need any more of them. Why destroy this area just for another golf course? Any natural area on or near the Lake Michigan need to be protected forever because there isn't that much natural areas left anymore in this area of the state. Dan


While I've only been in that region once in my life, the area was absolutely beautiful and not to mention pristine. I went up there for that particular reason alone. With natural areas becoming more and more scare, these areas need to be protected, not turned into a golf course. "The construct of 'Infinite growth on a finite planet' is the cause of many of our problems." Think about it, we have one earth to live on. Once land like this is gone, it will be gone forever. Kyle


Preserving the wholeness of this natural piece of land trumps the leisure benefits of a golf course. Encourage the golfers to hike in the Black River Forest. It's cheaper and can lead to some startling natural discoveries! Patricia


I strongly oppose any easement through our State lands for Kohler's proposed golf course. Angela


Bird habitat continues to shrink, resulting in precipitous declines in many bird species. Birds that I commonly saw as a child growing up in the early 60's are rarely seen except in places like this. Golf courses are virtual deserts for birds. Our wild places are disappearing. Please don't build a golf course. Helen


The research says it all: If you want to support wildlife, don't build golf courses in the highest quality of habitat(s). And we should want to support wildlife. So much of our natural environment is being lost to development; at what point will be start caring about the creatures that have been here long before us? Alyssa




I do not believe the choice to turn this area into a golf course would be in the long-term best interest of anyone. I think we should make very, very careful long-term choices. Andrea


Migratory birds that use the Lake Michigan corridor would lose a valuable food and rest stop. There has to be a better golf course location. James


There are plenty of golf courses in the state of Wisconsin (and in the country). We already have a state park with a golf course (Peninsula State Park), and I cringe every time I go through it. State parks are meant for people to enjoy and use, but also to preserve and protect. A golf course will destroy and exploit. Terri


This is prime stop over site for migrating birds plus a nesting area for breeding birds, and should be preserved as such. Charles


Other than the degradation of the environment, why does the Kohler company think another golf course is a good thing? There are plenty of golf courses in that area. Barbara


Stop habitat destruction. Judith


The shores of Lake Michigan provide critical stopover habitat for migrating birds. God only made so many lakes and so many shorelines. The dunes habitat is precious and so rare. I love to golf, but I cannot understand the need to destroy a God given natural area that provides all living things a place to live and thrive. It took hundreds of thousands of years for this forest to become what it is today. Please do not undo God's work. Thank you. Jane


That the people of Wisconsin are being asked to give up State Park lands so that a rich narcissist can develop a private club for his rich friends is shameful. Daniel


I don't understand why destroying a mature forest, eliminating public access to lake Michigan, draining local wells, and contaminating what's left of the water table with pesticides seems like a good idea. To add insult to injury, our taxes will go up like they did around whistling straits. Chris


golf course versus nature - really? the answer isn't blatant??? Frannie


Please do not destroy forest and shoreline in order to put in a golf course. I love visiting the state park and enjoy being I nature. I would not visit if it were turned into a golf course. Keri


I think the value of the current woods and animal habitat is more important than adding a 5th golf course to the area. Wayne


Like the Wilderness Society commercial once declared, "Man does not live by development alone!" The complex natural communities which still exist at the site for the proposed development are far more valuable for maintaining quality human health and happiness for ALL PEOPLE and ALL LIFE, rather than that of a limited use -for-an-entitled-FEW, biologically sterile and, let's not forget, highly altered landscape oozing with polluted runoff ! Mark


Habitat needs preservation. Period. When nature is gone, we will follow. Lisa


Do not reduce the shoreline or the park. We need to keep the wilds for everyone. Kathryn


The shores of Lake Michigan are vital for several species of birds and other wildlife. Destroying the habitat will destroy the birds, and destroying the birds will destroy humans as well. Plus, all the use of fertilizers and chemicals that may be used on the golf course could easily run off into the lake causing major problems to the quality and health of the water ecosystem. Please consider all of us of the next generation. We do not want to see a bunch of habitat destroyed because of poor choices made by you. Thanks. Brad


A small town in my region (Ashland, WI) fell for the big sales pitch from a bunch of rich guys to build a big attraction. The town board fell the arguments about how the town was going to benefit. The benefits never materialized, never. Instead the town pays a lot more to maintain roads in and out of the attraction, pick up garbage littered on the roads, increased traffic, etc. Now, the town board members who voted for the thing look really, really bad, and they have expressed their deep shame at having fell for the pitch of some rich guys itching to make their own profits. You're going to have to live in your town for a long time, and no one is going to forget your vote if you support that golf course. That's my view after watching it happen in our region, a big sad loss for everyone. Don't fall for the fancy rich guys schmoozing the little guys. Miranda


The area needs to be preserved - there is nothing left like it Greg


The wetlands and the adjoining Land Michigan shore is a valuable ecological site. Please do not destroy it. I'm certain you can find another area for the construction of a golf course not within the Black River Forest. Julie


Having grown up in Sheboygan, I feel a personal interest in this matter. As a citizen of Wisconsin, I hate to see backward steps in regard to the environment. We should NOT be doing damage to our remaining natural resources, we should be protecting them! Karen

I oppose the proposed golf course because it will endanger an ecosystem which cannot be restored and is valuable to the state and future generations as a natural sanctuary. Sarah


For 3 generations our family has walked, biked and enjoyed these woods. There are so few natural areas like this remaining - it would be a pity to let them go. Jonathan


Destroys native landscape for commercial exploitation. Bryan


The proposal is not consistent with the Town's 20 year comprehensive plan. Use of this land as a golf course introduces potentially serious problems with water supply and quality, use of concentrated chemicals, wildlife, need for additional roads, large areas for parking, traffic congestion. With another golf course within a mile it is difficult to justify a need for another one. John M.


Destroying beautiful land and an area near Lake Michigan for a golf course would not be a wise land use. Preserve the beauty and specialness of this area for future generations. Marcia


I oppose the degradation of this fragile environment for a business venture. The park is open to all; the golf course will only be open to those who can afford it. Sue


I am not for or against the golf course, but I would urge people to consider partnering with Kohler as a business relationship and consider contracting to have a golf course built that meets your needs, e.g. uses local produce, meat, beer, landscapers, etc and works within your agricultural and environmental requirements, e.g. pesticide reduction, herbicide limits. If there is enough support to get the golf course through and all you do is oppose, you may lose the opportunity to have the golf course be a benefit to the community and/or to promote the preservation of the resource. Lastly, I cannot imagine that no economic impact would occur, at a minimum, someone going to the golf course will buy a soda, gas or a sandwich in or near Black River. Again, I am not for or against the golf course, I just think small towns, like my own, lose opportunities to help themselves if they only see the options as for or against. One needs to consider, what if??? And if so, how????????. Paulette


We lived in the Port Washington area for many years and spent countless times at Kohler-Andrae when our kids were growing up. Many good memories. That area has ENOUGH golf courses already. It is not worth the devastation to the environment. Jill & Keith


This area would be much better served as a natural area than a golf course. Golf courses with all of their pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are abundant. Natural areas are scarce. It is all about balance here. Chris


This would be a ridiculous use land in its natural state. this is a recreational area used by many for relaxation. Sandy


Because that's seriously the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Caroline


We have plenty of golf courses to choose from. Don't destroy Park land. Renee


I do not oppose the Black River Golf Course. It's a great project that will create 200+ jobs...... Asher


I more than strongly support the preservation of the integrity of that river, its wetlands, the forest and the adjoining Lake Michigan shore as an ecological whole. Coming over from Germany and raising FIRST GENERATION AMERICANS on these very shores with pristine sand dunes of Lake Michigan, my heart breaks knowing that possibly greed and profit could take this away. When does this GREED END???????? The remainder and ALL of my reasons may be found on the website.  Anneliese


Construction of the course will do irreparable damage to an ecosystem. Paul


I strongly oppose the construction of this golf course. Conni


This unique land should be preserved for the next generations as the Kohler family originally recognized. Lois


Park land doesn't need to be destroyed for one more of many golf courses. Riverdale Golf Course is just 2 miles away from the proposed site. This will cause unnecessary loss of wildlife, major deforestation, loss of access to hiking trails and beach front, in addition to potential well problems. The township board has the power to deny this. The Town of Mosel has seen no economic benefit from the golf course in their area



I am very concerned not only with how this golf course will negatively impact our water availability and quality but what it will also do to the environment destruction of a pristine natural forest and the wildlife therein. Elizabeth


It's common sense. Dinah


Our State Parks should NOT be for sale! I oppose the degradation of our environment. Diane


OPPOSE! Kenneth


Leave the State Parks ALONE! more added roads for access, no 4 wheelers, enough trapping, no more abusing our lands! Roxie


I don't feel that another golf course is a viable reason to destroy wetlands and the habitat for so many animals and trees. Sheboygan county has plenty of golf courses while we continue to lose natural resources. Please protect what cannot speak for itself: nature. Victoria


If Mr. Kohler wants another golf course he should put it on some of his other lakeside property which has already been developed as farmland. He has plenty of other lake front land he could use. Why would he want to destroy one of the last virgin forests on the western coast of Lake Michigan? Is it because he can? That is the big question. It would be such a loss to the community. So sad if he gets his way. Mr. Kohler would be in violation of many zoning regulations that are established to preserve our unique community. He is a person like you and I, and he and his corporation should have to live by the rules and regulations that all of us other residents have to live by. No exceptions, especially with the massive destruction he plans for our area. Just ask the people of the town of Mosel how well Mr. Kohler has kept his promises to them. I hope we are smart enough to not be seduced by his lawyers. Let's learn from the town of Mosel, rather than follow their path to ruination. Michael


Our State Parks should NOT be for sale! I oppose the degradation of our environment. Diane


While I am very appreciative of the financial impact of The Kohler Company and it's resorts and golf courses on Sheboygan County, I cannot condone the use of this wonderful natural resource for an additional golf course. There should always be places that can be enjoyed by all and this area is certainly one of them. Sometimes it's not about money, but about what is right. The construction of a golf course at this site is simply wrong, no matter how you look at it. Dorothy


No need for a Golf Course to destroy that area! Plenty of G C already anyways Renee


Beautiful land that should be preserved. Cathy


It would mean the sacrifice of a limited natural resource currently available to all for a golf course available to those with green fees. Anne


How can they take state land and put a road and parking lot on it? Who made this deal with the devil? What will happen next? There are supposed to be minor arterial roads within a half mile of the course. Will they now be redoing all of our roads? Who will pay for that? Guess! The residents of Wilson should sue the town board if they violate the 20 Year Plan and other legal documents. Fred


We need more natural spaces, not less. Sarah


It's destroying wildlife, forest, and other things. As what people have said, they chose the area for the wildlife. Taking it just to build a useless golf course is despicable. Shannon


There are tons of wildlife who have made a home there, not only that but people who've grown up there. And not to mention it is a beautiful forest. We need to save our forests. The world has enough golf courses. Go build one on an empty lot of somewhere unused. Anna Marie


Nature is beautiful and one more man made contraption is not what we need in this world. Think of the trees and animals that will be demolished in the process. Cain


I don't feel that another golf course is a viable reason to destroy wetlands and the habitat for so many animals and trees. Sheboygan county has plenty of golf courses while we continue to lose natural resources. Please protect what cannot speak for itself: nature. Victoria


Leave the State Parks ALONE! more added roads for access, no 4 wheelers, enough trapping, no more abusing our lands!  Roxie


OPPOSE! Kenneth


I encourage the consideration of another site for this project -- why destroy something so rare and beautiful as this woods! A golf course can be built anywhere-- you cannot reproduce the beauty and quality of a pristine ecosystem such as this woods. Must we destroy everything in the name of profit?? Patricia


I oppose this because I respect God's creation, ALL of it!!!  Barbara


I oppose Kohler's proposed golf course because it jeopardizes 247 acres of sensitive habitat along Lake Michigan, including sand dunes, forest, and wetlands and the species that depend upon them. My family enjoys camping and hiking in this area, and we would consider spending our vacations elsewhere if this pristine area is degraded. Shahla


I grew up in the Black River community and have an abundance of fond memories of playing in black river forest, the beach, the dunes and wildlife refuge with my brothers and sisters. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity of growing up in such a beautiful, pristine area and it is those past experiences with nature that has taught me to be a "nature lover" As an an adult I moved away for 21 years and returned 5 years ago and bought a home in Black River because I love this area so much. I urge that the Town of Wilson Board and Planning Commission make the right decision to protect the Black River Forest, dunes and beach as well as the town residents health and welfare. Replacing a pristine forest, dunes and beach with an unnecessary golf course will not improve the land. The land does not get any better than what it is right now, it is Pristine, leave it alone. The town residents as well as the abundant wildlife that lives here will be forever grateful. Lisa S.


Please do not destroy this precious ecosystem for yet another golf course! Stop & consider our future, preserve this forest for our grandchildren. Jeanne


Thank you all for trying to stop this golf course we have more then we need here now. I lived in black river 20 years growing up and enjoyed that land & still do I get there from time to time. It helps me just to know its there I could show you all the great places there. The Big Dune,Trails,wet lands and high lands, River turns & bends I know it Inch by Inch. From Walking,Snowmobiling,Mini Biking,Biking, Swimming a (golf course) would be a big mistake that we can't take back. Thats just the start what ever is left you know there will be posted signs Keep out. Michael


There are enough golf courses in Wisconsin. We need to start thinking about our wetlands, our beautiful lake shores, rivers and forests. We need to preserve our environment for our children and grandchildren. Dianne


There will be a disproportionate amount of losses compared to gains in the destruction/construction of a golf course on these lands. The assessed value and associated taxes will never cover the loss of wildlife habitat, slaughtering of whitetail, as was done at Black Wolf, Loss of Wetlands, Dunes, clear cutting old growth hardwoods.....who really gains? Kohler, hotel operators... Not the minimum wage workers, certainly not the environment, and certainly not State of Wisconsin taxpayers who will ultimately subsidize this poorly sited plan. Ask yourself, how did I benefit from the last PGA Championship, financially? Developers need to prove that projects add value to a community, this plan takes away on a multitude of levels. Mr. Billionaire, do the right thing, give the land to the State or the Nature Conservancy and get some rest.  Gary


The golf course plans will ruin the area environment. Thank you to the Friends of Black River Forest for standing up to preserve this land and wildlife. Mark


I Oppose the golf course for every reason listed on your website. Ashley


I believe Sheboygan County has enough golf courses, but not enough wild places where creatures can live and children can learn about nature instead of sitting in front of a playstation. What will your legacy be Mr. Kohler? Another expensive golf course that uses up the wild places? Jennifer


How devastating it would be for residents and visitors to have this environment disrupted. We agree with everyone’s comments, views and information and want the land and wildlife protected. We moved to the Town of Wilson many years ago because of the natural scenery, wildlife and peacefulness. We want the natural state of this environment passed on to future generations to also enjoy and experience. Lori


There are only so many beautiful forests left on Earth that man has not mercilessly destroyed. A forest is a home not only to animals but to the people who have enjoyed years of relaxation and adventure in this wonderful place. If you destroy this forest you are destroying a HOME. You must stop with the killing of this amazing, glorious planet. Especially for a lousy golf course.  Katreena


They have the best trails to take my horses on as well as the only trails to take the horses to the beach, it would be destroying more of nature, why not take a golf course and expand that. Stephanie


Save natural areas. Chad


There's enough golf courses in the world. There aren't enough habitats for the animals that live here. Sierra


This is a beautiful forest which does not, under any circumstances, need to be cut down. Not only will the people of the area suffer, it will displace tons of wildlife. Madison


We need the gosh dang trees. I hope anyone who wants to kick and animal out of their home gets abducted by aliens and has their house blown up, justice will be served then. Abby


We need to protect our forests and every creature that depends on them for food and a home! Less chopping more planting! Beck


Many world problems are occurring because of human selfish actions towards their own entertainment. A lot of the movements people do are completely unnecessary and very harmful to the natural balance of the Earth. You cannot simply cut down a whole forest and expect no bad consequences. The wild animals that habit the forest will be stripped of their homes and forced to live somewhere else, whether that is closer to traffic or deeper into the middle of nowhere. The natural wetlands and creeks will be rendered a useless decoration in a field of fake grass and essentially unused land. You literally throw a ball over hundreds of feet of land and pretty much not even use the space in-between, only as a distance. Human greed is pushing the limits of this planet, sooner or later there'll be no wildlife left and who's to blame? Rich people who'd rather spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a shitty golf course because they're looking for something to do. There are plenty of courses out there just take the extra drive and not cut down a whole f**g forest /rant. Ivana


Use the golf courses that already exist, no need to take away life for an unneeded addition. Alex

How important is this golf course, really? Is it important enough to willfully displace wildlife? To willfully destroy trees that have been around longer than any living person? To willfully pollute Lake Michigan? We bother to divert entire freeways around wetlands because the preservation of these areas is so important. Is this golf course that much more important that it'd be okay to just destroy them? Stephanie


These trees are essential to our ecosystem, and will be crucial later on while our generation is trying to clean up that of the generation tearing down all of these forests. Chandler


State parks are there for a reason: o preserve nature and allow us to view its beauty in a healthy environment full of indigenous wild life. Humans can travel a few miles for a golf course. Animals cannot travel to a new home. Claire


I love Golf Courses, I'm a wonderful golfer myself, but I oppose this golf course. I don't live in the area, but I know how devastating it is to demolish an area of trees and forest for grass and holes in the ground. It will destroy the native wild life and turn it to nothing but squirrels and Geese, rather than a diverse sea of animals. Imagine looking out one's window and seeing a beautiful forest, then looking away and turning to see the trees all gone and cut grass and man-made hills and sand and water traps there instead. It would be devastating for the community. Don't do this to a beautiful forest so people can hit golf balls across a field. Stella


I oppose this golf course because the human beings who want to golf can get in their cars and drive to an existing golf course elsewhere if they please. The animals and trees already occupying this area can just pile into an SUV or the family sedan and find new ground. Also, a golf course will contribute almost nothing to the atmosphere in terms of reducing carbon dioxide and oxygenating our air for human breathing. The trees in place are doing a lot of that. If people want to use this area for recreation they should stow the clubs, strap on some hiking boots and acquaint themselves with a bit of that lovely, precious, Pure Michigan. Jesse


I think that destroying this land would be very insufficient and a waste of money for space of a golf course. Also-thinking about the environment at hand- it would be life-threatening to many wild animals who reside in this land. I would strongly suggest to not have this land demolished for a golf course. Thank you.  James


This area is full of beautiful wildlife. I travel all the time with my family to see it and it's so pretty and its nice to see something not destroyed by the human touch. This entire ecosystem will be destroyed, thousands of animal and plant lives ruined just so a couple of people will enjoy a golf course, something that we don't need. Jane


That forest you're about to destroy is much more precious than your golf course. What if I destroyed your home and all your friends' homes, and all your food, and any possibility to relocate to a better place (with your so called necessary 50 acres at least) because I wanted to make a place (that already existed) to put a small ball into a hole in the ground? Idiotic.  Abby


This is disgusting. To see the beautiful forest torn down by one man, who is only influential because he possesses money, is very sad. It is a telling portrait of our society if we allow this to happen. Katie


A forest takes hundreds of years to grow. A golf course takes a few months to build. A forest destroys nothing. Building a golf course destroys everything the forest, wetlands, and river has to offer. Maisie


Do you really need another golf course? Or do you want air for you and your children? Really I think the choice is easy but sense you guys don't get the point, I'll say it for you; We need air to live, your rich white men can drive a few miles to play their golf.  Arabelle


First, there are animals that live in that forest. If you cut it down where would they go? Deer would cause more car crashes while looking for a new home because you cut it down to make a golf course. Plus, trees provide oxygen, and HELLO we need that to SURVIVE. The earth is already polluted enough without you taking away something help clean it and making the air dirtier. Thank you. McKenzie


Habitat fragmentation is a very serious problem. Destroying half of this forest would essentially decimate all of it. This plan would disrupt the entire ecosystem for many, many years, and it would result in the death of hundreds of irreplaceable trees and plants. Also, this plan puts the course basically in peoples backyards. No one wants to look out their bedroom window and see a bunch of tourists looking back. This golf course is an invasion of privacy.  Deirdre


People of this earth have already taken far too much of nature for themselves. It would be unjust to continue to do so by destroying such a beautiful forest. Jamie


This right here is why the environment is going to rubbish. Deforestation is a major harm to the nutrient cycle. When you cut down an entire forest for your own personal benefit, you are destroying the Earth. Those animals who lose their homes- the carbon and nitrogen released into the air- the planet depleting- THAT'S ON YOU. When you do stuff like this, THAT'S ON YOU. This petition might just mean the difference between life and death for that forest. So I'm signing it. And if you care about your home, you should too.  Lauren


Because like a tiny part of our island was deforested just to make their own golf course, this beautiful location should not be taken down for the same purpose. Animals and nature should be left where it is to grow and to be nurtured, not destroyed for the wealth of man. Holly


You really think that a golf course is a good enough reason to lower property value, damage the ecosystem, and destroy a state park? How selfish can you get? This is exactly the problem with having wealthy, elderly people in positions of power. You know that you're not going to stick around for much longer so you figure that squeezing as much out of life, regardless of the consequences on present and future generations, is worth it. It's clear adopting parasitic traits rather than making your community better is your path. (Seriously though, ANOTHER golf course? That absolutely screams stereotypical white opulence. Get off your pudgy arses and find another way to stuff your tailored pockets.) Leave the park alone. Kirsten


The world has too many golf courses, and not enough acres of beautiful forestland. If you wish to make some money off of the forest, lead guided hikes or something. But PRESERVE THE FOREST, please.  Julia


I oppose Kohler's proposed golf course because it jeopardizes 247 acres of sensitive habitat along Lake Michigan, including sand dunes, forest, and wetlands and the species that depend upon them. My family enjoys camping and hiking in this area, and we would consider spending our vacations elsewhere if this pristine area is degraded.  Shahla


We frequently travel to enjoy the sights and scenery of nature. Destroying more wetlands for a golf course is insane. This should be preserved for future generations to see, there are plenty of golf courses! Please add my signature along with all the wildlife that would be displaced. That should add a few thousand signatures. Kathryn


It's just wrong to tear up pristine land and beach front to construct another golf course. Sheboygan County has more than its share of problems. The idea of destroying the forest and the disruption to the Black River area is nothing more than greed. The sacredness of the Native American mounds, ancient sand dunes and old growth forest are in extreme danger with this proposed golf course. It takes thousands of years for the dunes to be created and hundreds of years for old growth forest to come to fruition -- only a day to destroy them. Jayne W.


I was born and raised there since 1942 and Mr. Frederick W. Hainer, my well known dad, born there in 1898! The land for the wild plants and animals and waterways is too precious to go towards golf, when golf courses are already prevalent in this area. Ninka


What land has been protected from development needs to remain that way. There are plenty of golf courses but fewer and fewer protected public lands. They are precious, they are irreplaceable and must never ever be taken for granted or sacrificed for short term profits. Lynn


This is a precious piece of property we in the community are asking the Kohler Family to preserve. Barbara


It will destroy water lands and trees and could potentially be harmful to well systems in the area and because there are enough golf courses in Sheboygan. Dionne


There are plenty of golf courses to go around. We could use a horse park in this state. Or, just leave it for EVERYONE to enjoy! Karen


The land that would be developed is critically important migratory bird habitat in a key migration corridor. It is quite literally invaluable and irreplaceable. Carl


I am concerned about the construction of the golf course for many reasons: the ecological damage to the forest and wetlands, runoff of chemicals and fertilizer into Lake Michigan, the increased traffic a golf course would generate, and the possible negative impact on my property taxes as chief among my objections. This is not a good fit with the Town of Wilson. Reject the request for re-zoning! John


Sheboygan is my home town and one of the things that always brings me back is this land. Please consider our pleas. We need some natural beauty to remain in Sheboygan. It would break my heart to see another golf course. One is fine and quite enough. Erika


They shouldn't be taking away 12 acres of state land for the access road. And what's going to happening to the roads V and K? John


There are 33 different species of mammals, over 400 known plant species, including more than 50 trees, and over 150 bird species known to live or migrate through the state park, according to the DNR. To me,  to bulldoze the dunes and make this into an artificial, chemically-treated environment is a sin. Lisa


There isn't enough wetland areas in the world and people would definitely miss hiking in the forest as well enjoying fishing and kayaks. Don


We can not agree with destroying a beautiful serene area for another golf course, We especially do not want a two lane entrance and maintenance building directly across from our house. This road would be going through the state land (the walking area) to get to the golf course. We also are concerned about our wells, higher taxes, and increased traffic. Please save the woodland and dunes and build a golf course some other place. Bonnie


Golf courses do not have the environmental and cultural benefits that a forest would have. A better fit would be to convert urban or agricultural land to a golf course. It takes decades for a forest to take form and forest removal destroys biodiversity. Please find another place to put the golf course.  James


Much of the land proposed for this golf course is an important and rare habitat of which little still exists. To destroy it for a golf course is a monstrous expression of greed and I would expect better from the Kohler Corporation. Doug


The Black River Forest area is so vital to clean air, habitat for many (including humanity), a sanctuary for all (including humanity), as well as peace for the mind & soul. A golf course will bring total destruction of the area. Barb


I live south of the proposed golf course... I am concerned about the gross amount of water required to maintain a golf course; my aquifer may be affected. I am concerned about the gross amount of pesticides and herbicides required to maintain a golf course; run-off into Lake Michigan is run-off into my front yard. Christy


I do not want this area to be destroyed for a construction of a golf course. There are enough golf courses throughout Sheboygan County, we do not need another one. Once this area is gone, we will never get it back. It will be a sad day if a course is built. Lori


Enough already! Wetlands are critical to our ecosystem. They absorb water when there are heavy rains, and release much needed water in droughts. Leave the natural spaces natural! Heather


There are sufficient courses and they are declining in popularity and use. Golf courses should be looked at for restoration into natural areas, not the other way around. We need more trees not more water use! There is a very limited number of forests and they can not be replaced. This is just the worst proposal for recreational planning I have seen in a very long time. Marjie


My husband and I recently moved to Sheboygan after living over 20 years in Racine. We were both so impressed with the amount of lake shore that has been preserved and set aside for public use Sheboygan County. I would prefer for the lake front and surrounding property to REMAIN state owned land and completely accessible to the public. Adding a golf course in this location is a bad idea. It will destroy the ecology and the NATURAL resource. I fail to understand why the DNR is even allowing this to be considered. This state land was set aside to preserve the natural resource and for the enjoyment of the public. Not for some corporate bully to come in and force yet ANOTHER golf course down our throats. Despite what they think, not everyone plays golf. It's public land and the public has the right to use it. If they build a golf course I (a member of the public) will no longer be able to enjoy this piece of preserved nature. It's a Kohler course, let them build it in Kohler... not Wilson. Jerri


There enough golf courses - more "green" space is needed or should be preserved. Christina


There are already Too any golf courses for this area!!! Leave the natural areas as they are for the rest of us. Golf courses are an elitist waste of natural areas and resources. Meg


It will have NO benefit to the Black River Area and will bring many serious problems to our forest, beach, water supply, etc. The is a peaceful beautiful area and I want to keep it that way. Marianne


There isn't enough wetland areas in the world and people would definitely miss hiking in the forest as well enjoying fishing and kayaks. Don


It's just wrong to tear up pristine land and beach front to construct yet another golf course. Sheboygan County has more than its share of problems -- why not focus on those instead of another elitist venue which benefits only a few and lines the bank accounts of even fewer. The very idea of destroying the forest and the ensuing disruption to the Black River area is nothing more than greed at its worst. Julie


I am a frequent visitor to the Black River area of Sheboygan. I have come to love the wooded-ness and wildlife that live there. I love having access to Lake Michigan. It is a pristine area and I feel very strongly about ripping away these resources for good. It will change the water quality of the river due to pesticide and fertilizer run off from the golf course with it's effects unknown to the fish, birds and animals that surround the area. There will be an increase in vehicle traffic. Who will pay for monitoring the speed and traffic incidents? With all of the beautiful golf courses in the area, there is no need for this one. Vicki


The environmental degradation that this will cause is absolutely beyond measure. Tearing down a forest for four months of golfing is both irresponsible and unforgivable. Susan


God did not create this land for a golf course. He created it for people to enjoy it in its NATURAL beauty. A golf course there would take away from families being able to enjoy time together experiencing what God has created! There are already enough golf courses in the Sheboygan County area for people to go golfing at. Debra


I was a resident of Wisconsin some years ago and treasured the pristine nature of the woods, wetlands, lakes and dunes that dot the state. My children spent their early years exploring Wisconsin and enjoying the exposure to nature as well as learning to protect our resources. We still enjoy visiting Wisconsin whenever we can. This golf course proposal seems to be totally unwarranted and destructive to the old forest, the water system and all the natural flora and fauna. I have not read any arguments for the golf course that seem to carry any validity. Please send a strong message in favor of maintaining our most valuable assets and vote no on this proposed and unnecessary golf course. Robin


This is a very special area that has been a source of peace, healing, and sanctuary for me throughout my life. I want to see this area thrive in it's pristine state to nourish future generations of flora, fauna, and human life. I am also concerned about the health of our water and land due to the tremendous amount of fertilizer and other chemicals that will be involved in building and maintaining another golf course . . . and why do we need another golf course? Ellen


There are plenty of golf courses in the area. Jake


My family and I use the black river trails, Terry-Andre state park weekly as well as walking the beach. This area was a major factor when choosing to move to the Sheboygan area. We see the beauty of the natural wetland, forest, dunes, beach as a major attractor for families and entrepreneurs such as our selves. The quality of wetlands and groundwater as well as the sacredness of Native American mounds, and the ancient sand dunes and old growth forest are in extreme danger with this proposed golf course. I feel it is very important to preserve as much natural habitat as possible. it takes thousands of years for the dunes to be created, and hundreds of years for old growth forest to come to fruition. and only a day to destroy them. what will be left for our grandchildren if we destroy it all? How many golf courses do the Kohlers need? In reality this will not create very many local jobs. To destroy the land and water system for the very very few who will use this land is very disrespectful. and don't forget the thousands of pounds of fertilizer that will enter the water shed. please vote no to this golf course. Thank You. Alan


Why wreck that beautiful forest when there are already 4 Kohler golf courses and Riverdale to boot? Keep the forest a forest, please. Jane


How long does it take to make a golf course? Maybe a year or two. How long to make a forest and the ecosystem it is wrapped within? An eternity. Mike


This is an area teeming with wildlife, and the park is set aside for people to enjoy nature. Keep the golf course and the access road out of the park. Please do not allow this development. Jeff & Mary


People from everywhere enjoy this beautiful area....this type of tourism is essential for your county and state. Preserve the land and do to destroy it!  Marilyn


It would be a shame to destroy this valuable ecosystem. Also I am sure it would negatively impact the wells of all the houses in the surrounding area! Mike L.


Protecting the wildlife, we have plenty of golf courses in Sheboygan county! Shauna


The Black River Forest is a rare area that should remain natural. Let our children and grandchildren, and so on, enjoy one of the few natural spaces left in this country. Anne


As a longtime enthusiast of the Black River Forest and its almost-untouched beauty I am vehemently against any development and especially the construction of a golf course in the area, for environmental reasons regarding the forest and its surroundings and Lake Michigan.  Philip


Construction of this golf course would be detrimental to our local environment and the ecosystems which it contains. Moreover, it would destroy much of the few remaining woodlands and wetlands we have left to pass on to our children and their children. Derek


There are certain places where you don't want golf courses.. The Kohler property is a prime, sensitive area along sensitive waterways, dunes, swales, wetlands with rare plants and so forth -- a golf course would be compromising the environmental integrity of that land. Any conversion of farmland to a golf course does not present as many problems. In fact, you might even be able to restore the land to some degree. Also, golf courses restoring quarries or mines or other degraded land, i.e. Whistling Straits. But if you're going into a forest and cutting down trees to put in a golf course, losing biological diversity, reducing the species that are present, and compromising the water quality, that's at the other end of the spectrum. A golf course is not the best use of this pristine property. I am also opposed to taking public lands from the State to build the golf course. Jayne


Everywhere go in this once beautiful country I see golf courses. I like golf. But I am incredulous that we do not have the sense to leave our children a true enduring legacy of natural lands. I am sure there are other choices than taking from your children. Deborah


Another golf course? We do not need another golf course in Sheboygan County, especially at the loss of this beautiful area. David


This land is sacred and cannot be replaced. Building a golf course here would destroy it and the entire ecosystem of the area. Erin


This is a beautiful area which brings in tourists from all over. A golf course can go somewhere else - the natural ecosystem of this area cannot. The damage would be irreparable. Please, please find another option. Blair


When is enough? How much of our earth do the fat cats in this country have to possess for their frivolous games? Golf courses are the WORST when it comes to destroying land … they use enormous amounts of water, they use enormous amounts of chemicals and in this case it will all either be taken from our beautiful Lake Michigan or end up in it polluting it. When is enough? When there is nothing left for our children? If there is a "hell" that's is where we will find the fat cats … playing golf! Margot


Traffic, ecology of property, runoff, pollution, well running dry. What does he need another golf course for anyway?? Suzanne


Sacrificing this beautiful area for yet another golf course is a travesty. The residents of THE Town of Wilson will have a once beautiful, and special area ruined with nothing but pollution, traffic, and noise to show for it. Gina


just the destruction of the wildlife habitat, well quality, for what? Another golf course? Jeff


We do not need another golf course. We need to preserve nature so our children and grandchildren can enjoy nature. April


In the society we live in today we can not afford frivolous destruction of our native landscape. I would think at this point it would be so clear to everyone the correct answer is preservation. I'm really surprised it has gotten this far. We elect leaders for our local and national gov't to protect us and our environment...what's happening that this doesn't seem the case? How come this money isn't been used to help the local people and clean up the massive drug problems in these more rural areas that no one wants to talk about.  Carol


There are a great many places to enjoy such leisure as golfing it is unnecessary , disheartening and downright stupid to destroy a forest to build one. We aren't an infinite planet and must do all we can to preserve what nature is left. Douglas


We DO need to leave as much of our environment as whole and healthy as possible; we DO NOT need another golf course to line someone's pockets with profits and put yet another scar on the forests, wetlands, and rest of the environment of any other part of Wisconsin. Sand mining and other means of destroying our State are bad enough. We need to keep the land involved in this unnecessary and dangerous plan whole and healthy, including the surrounding areas. Suzanne


There are plenty of golf courses. We are meant to share the land not change and destroy it to suit selfish desires. This golf course would mean the destruction of a natural beauty and resource that once gone, will never come back. Money would be better spent going back into helping the community with actual needs not wants. Kathryn


We have enough golf courses around here. It will take away homes of our natural wildlife. There are so many activities that are already done in that area. From hiking to biking to horse back riding to photography. It's a great place to take the family and really enjoy nature. Keep it as nature intended. Bri


We need to protect out wildlife and natural resources. There are enough golf courses! Angela


1. Takes homes away from the wildlife 2. More traffic 3. Higher taxes 4. We have enough golf courses in the area!!!! 5. Takes homes away from the wildlife. Renee


I am for keeping the integrity of the land intact and keeping the serenity of the surrounding area, including Terry Andrae. Building another gold course is absurd, how many do we need. Amanda


I oppose the building of a golf course because golfers are not the only people living in Sheboygan County, yet it seems to be the only thing they have to offer. My family had been going there for years and my dad goes almost daily, year round. The area is so beautiful and has been a place for walking, biking, horseback riding and taking your dogs, why ruin it by adding another golf course? If it's not broken, don't fix it. Nicole


I enjoy horseback riding in those woods. Elizabeth


Preserve the little wildlife we have left! Spend the money on fixing the rest of the run down downtown. Rebecca


We use the walking trails regularly & enjoy the peace & tranquility. We always see other people & horseback riders that that frequent the trails. We would hate to see the area destroyed for yet another golf course in the Sheboygan area. Lisa


It's destroying an incredible important ecosystem so that people can pursue a pointless hobby at a location that is slightly more convenient. It's absurd, and keeping this forest intact is just the right thing to do. Emily


The last thing we need to do is take away one of the last beautiful areas of nature this county has. And for what Another golf course. I don't think so! Brenda


I can not put it more bluntly that it is completely ignorant. This is a common sense issue in my opinion. The County of Sheboygan as a whole has enough golf courses so everybody in the county can play at one time yet they want to build another one. The second issue is that this is to be done to bring business and appeal to the area. The area has had enough business and appeal in the last years to last for five hundred years. This is a issue of are we going to give into Kohler Company special interests again or are we going to finally say no to the spoiled rotten narcissistic coward with an ego kick. Nothing else to say in my opinion. Ryan


Black River Forest is a natural, non-profit museum of which is in service to the abundant and pristine flora, trees, wetlands, beach and wildlife. Black River Forest stands as a steward of our natural environmental heritage. Giving Thought and Taking Action- "Generosity of spirit and gracious living go far beyond beautiful products and memorable experiences. They dictate how we treat each other, our communities and our world." Kohler Co. Stewardship Year in Review Brochure (Issue 1- 2014).  Barb


Please preserve one of the last undeveloped areas of our township. Jason


Like the Jerving Conservancy I hope to heaven Herb makes another area wildlife can enjoy!!!! Mother Nature sure can need some help. Mother Nature lives there. James


I want the land and wildlife to be protected. I moved to this area because of the scenery and the wildlife. A golf course would destroy it and kill and/or force out native species. Lynn


We don't need another golf course. Especially when it means destroying this beautiful area. There is so little of these areas along Lake Michigan as it is. Joni


Please don't take away the land and trees, animal homes and a place where we find peace and quiet. While enjoy golf, how many golf courses do we really need? Maybe the affluent golfers would like another course for the variety but at what expense? The expense of loss of land, homes for wildlife, nature walks for the rest of us? Please stop and consider the impact it has on the rest of us. We are loosing public assess for those who have the money to build what they want and where. Please reconsider the pebble in the pond affect for those who don't golf with you.  Linda


Its a part of Sheboygan's history. I remember growing up and going there with my grandparents to the nurture center and going camping there as child. Why cant they build it somewhere else? Britnee


There are enough golf courses. Why would take this beautiful lands and water and turn it into a place to hit balls. Dianna


I feel we should keep it the same for the animals. We drive to Black River to walk to hear the birds see the wildlife. The wildlife need a home also we need to stop taking it away. Thank you for listening. James


Three generations of my family have loved and appreciated the beauty of the Black River and the area surrounding it. I hope to see that beauty preserved for the generations to come. Joel


Black River is one of the lasting beauties of Sheboygan. Leave it alone! Andrew


Save the wildlife! Mary


I've lived in Sheboygan for about 20+ years and one of the aspects I love and admire about this city is the amount of wetlands and forestry that line Lake Michigan. Not only is the scenery beautiful but it gives people a reason to enjoy nature. It's quiet out there, it's beautiful, and gives you a reason to stop and slow down from this already hectic world. What is the point of creating a golf course when we have several within the county--one being up the street from the forest! Giving into this construction would mean that people would be giving into the destruction of nature's integrity. It's giving into excess and unnecessary luxuries. Erica


Economic growth will not make up for the permanent destruction of this land and wildlife.  Jeneile


Stop destroying Mother Nature and build it in a field where you can plant trees instead of rip them down. Travis


Destroying forest, wetlands and a gorgeous stretch of Lake Michigan. We don't need another golf course. Amanda


The golf course would change the ecosystem of the surrounding area and disturb the animals/birds that call it home. Dana


It will destroy the natural habitat of the flora and fauna of our state park.  Kim


I believe we need to preserve the forest rather than building another golf course that is not needed. It is more important to save our environment and that is the responsible thing to do. Kaylee


The area around Black River is beautiful and seemingly untouched. Throwing in a golf course is going to ruin the holistic atmosphere of the area...not to mention the gorgeous shoreline that, right now, everyone can enjoy. With a Kohler golf course only those that can afford to play a $300+ golf round will be able to utilize it....and they most likely won't even appreciate it.  Kristie


We have enough high- end golf courses within the area. Christine


It is not necessary to take those lands away; detriment to the environment. Build it somewhere else. ~ Shelley


Preservation of the environment. Athena


While I understand its Mr Kohler's land, this proposal is very much misuse of what that land stands for. Dan


I am very concerned about the lack of public access that has happened at Whistling Straits. Josh


The lake has enough problems without adding to the pollution of it. There are enough golf courses in the area around here. Besides it only benefits the 1%, and not the whole community. Joseph


We already have beautiful courses in this area. There is no need to build another. I thought this land in particular was protected and that the Kohler family had intended it that way. I think it would be a disappointment to many if it were destroyed,... even if it were by a beautiful golf course. I sincerely hope this does not happen. Thank you for your consideration. Robyn


We have so many golf courses in this area and so few acres of unspoiled land. We need to preserve our natural assets, not rape and plunder them. ~ Kathleen


Although a golf course is better than buildings or a parking lot, I still believe that the forest should be kept in its natural state. I also believe that putting a golf course there would destroy the "wilderness" feel of the state park. Once the forest is gone, it will never come back.  Kari


We need to leave some nature for the animals. Marla


Why I oppose the proposed golf course The conservation of this land is most important. Rick


Because of its detrimental effect on water, trees, animals, and the overall character of Black River. Betty


It’s not necessary to have more golf courses in this area. Also the dunes and this proposed area of construction are the pride of Sheboygan. Why not revamp whistling straits or the American club before devouring more of the untouched land in Sheboygan that is running out. This idea of a golf course makes me honestly sick to my stomach. I grew up in the town of wilson living there for over 20 years this isn't needed wanted or necessary. Zachary


It is unnecessary and takes valuable land that should be maintained and preserved to protect the wetlands, the forest and continue to provide enjoyment to all and not just those who can afford an afternoon hitting a little white ball around manicured golf course. We already have enough golf courses and with the gold season so short in this area it makes absolutely no sense. Protect our area for all. Joan


Why I oppose the proposed golf course I walk through that area at least twice a week, I would be devastated if a golf course were to take over that land. I lived at my parents house in black river for 21 years (I'm now 26) and I love walking through there with my 2 year old son and showing him the woods I grew up playing in. We have the Riverdale golf course close enough, we do not need another one. Jessica


Areas of undeveloped land, forests, wetlands natural shorelines are all diminishing in the world. This activity of development disrupts the natural order and promotes pollution; it ravages and destroys plants and wildlife. Please consider the preservation of this gem on Lake Michigan's shore for future generations. What a great legacy to leave for future generations- a wild pristine land. Mary Ann


I think it is absurd to destroy one of the few remaining natural shoreline ecosystems for another golf course. Joseph


I do not want to see such a beautiful part of our world commercialized and destroyed. In my opinion, it would be a tragedy. Jennifer


Leave this area alone! It's a beautiful part of Sheboygan’s ecosystem, history, and culture that should be preserved not destroyed!! Kristen


As a lifetime resident of Sheboygan, I feel it is everybody's responsibility to save the integrity of Black River Forest. Karen


There are plenty of golf courses in the area and you can't exactly replace nature. Elizabeth


There is no reason for us to destroy more natural habitats than we already have. There's thousands of acres in the area that the deed has already been done. Kate


I think the Kohler company has enough gold courses at this time. Why destroy natural habitat that has existed since the beginning of time and replace it with what? some designers mutated vision. Eco systems don't start overnight and mature trees don't either. What Kohler wants. is no more than a set design backdrop for a rich mans game. The designer isn't concerned whether his vision supports the old wild life it is displacing. Just the contrary, they are more concern with deer herds grazing on their greens. People of vision realized long ago that natural habitat is important and should be protected. You don't see a golf course built at John Muirs Woods, let’s not have one built here in Sheboygan. Andrew


This is some of the last of precious land with dunes, flora, and fauna and needs to be preserved! This is a QUIET area of town and needs to remain that way...also once developed he will not be happy with the roads leading up to and will want to rebuild...we know this is only the beginning...~ Linda


I was a resident of the Town of Wilson until one month ago. I walked that pristine area of the proposed golf course often. I respectfully ask the Kohler family to protect this remaining natural area. It is in your power to leave a legacy of a piece of the earth untouched from this time forth. Please leave this rich piece of land natural and in tune with nature. ~ Mary


The economic growth will not make up for the environmental destruction and future economic costs to the neighboring areas. This will also drive many visitors to the state park away once the beaches are closed and polluted beyond repair. ~ Joshua


Preservation of the nature environment is a lot more important to the future than a golf course. As forests diminish we should be looking to more preservation than expensive entertainment. ~ Consuelo


Build a golf course somewhere else. You cannot build this forest again. ~ Ruth


I'm an ISA certified arborist and have taken many courses. One of the classes was specifically on turf grass management. The amount of fertilizers and pesticides required to maintain a golf course is ridiculous. Placing a golf course anywhere near the black river area or close to the river will have negative effect on wildlife. How many golf courses do we need in Sheboygan county? And at what expense to our natural resources? ~ Cole


It would be a shame to lose such an ecologically unique piece of Sheboygan County to another golf course. I have no doubt that the pair of bald eagles that have recently moved into that area would soon be departing, along with countless other creatures that would loose their habitat. This would be so sad! Some golf courses in the county are already suffering financially because of over saturation of courses in the area. Too much of a good thing is not good! Mr. Kohler, On behalf of 90% of the residents, and 100% of the flora and fauna of the area, please leave this natural treasure the way it is. Future generations would applaud you for the decision to leave this area untouched by development. ~ Mike


Once it is gone, it is lost forever. There is no going back or second chances. ~ Sarah


Though I don't live in the area, my family and I often visit Kohler Andrae State Park for the forested trails, beautiful dunes and clean water. We value the Sheboygan County shore, and do not want to see yet another golf course, with all the potential environmental threat to water, replace a forest and likely pollute a river so near Lake Michigan. The land in question ought to be kept ecologically intact for the present and the future, and if Kohler won't do it for the good of the community, then the citizens of Wilson, the people of the state and the federal government should do all they can to save the forest, the river and the shore. Thank you to the Friends of Black River Forest for leading the way.  ~ John


Don't do it! Please! ~ Jen


1: Environmental impact: mainly compromised waterways and high risk of chemical runoff from treated green space. 2: Will not provide year-round jobs or revenue; only seasonal. 3: Sounds like more investment than it's worth, some roads will probably have to be rebuilt to adequate tonnage specs for construction and delivery vehicles, and to accommodate heavy seasonal traffic. 4: Aren't there Native American Effigies in there? That is such a big deal that seems to be taken for granted all the time. ~ Liz


This area is one of the last virgin forest lands on the Wisconsin shore of Lake Michigan. Bordered by a State Park on one side and residential property's on the other. Allowing it to be destroyed would be a disservice to the community. ~ Tom


We just purchased our lakefront property south of Sheboygan. We bought the property for two reasons: the pristine beach and the ability to walk that beach for miles in either direction. We understand that Whistling Straits has caused nearby properties to have algae two feet deep on the beach from the runoff of chemicals that are used on the course and that Kohler does everything possible to prevent people from walking the beach. These are both unacceptable and only two of the dozens of reasons that this is NOT an acceptable location for a golf course. ~ Ann


We need to preserve the forest for future generations. We do not need or want a golf course in our town. ~ Mary


Huge increase in traffic, upsetting the wildlife, questions on well water effects, big loss of the quiet, woodsy country feel that most of the people that live in the Kohler Andre that moved there for. ~ Leann


Don't we have enough golf courses already? ~ Lena


All reasons stated and I am black river trail volunteer for 21 years. We as group worked hard over the years on this trail and preserve it. We feel should stay the way it is. There is enough traffic the way it is, and fact I had to drop well because it was getting dry. We don't need golf course taking more water from our water tablet. Why don't they put golf course in their own back yard instead of shoving down other people throats. They don't live here, we do and I feel should have say in this. We can't change land , why should they be able to. ~ Ron


As someone who grew up in Sheboygan County, I watched countless open spaces, including woods, meadows, and wetlands, gobbled up by golf courses, housing subdivisions, and other development projects. It was heartbreaking then, and it's even more troubling as natural spaces in the county and throughout the United States continue to shrink in size and number. The Black River Forest is one spot in the county that should not be sacrificed to the bulldozers and the march of so-called "progress," for several reasons. First, the ecosystem is unique in the county for the variety of habitats it supports. It should be preserved in perpetuity as a natural heritage area for all county residents to enjoy and benefit from. For instance, forests help clean our air and act as natural carbon sinks; they also produce the oxygen critical to human and other life. Wetlands help clean the water, filtering the pollutants we so carelessly dump into our waterways and trapping sediment that could further despoil beautiful but troubled Lake Michigan. Second, golf courses are not sustainable ventures. They require major energy inputs to keep them maintained and playable. They almost always use massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides; with the crises facing multiple bee species and the monarch butterfly, greater pesticide use in Sheboygan County is the last thing anyone needs. And golf courses do not provide the rich diversity of habitats that forests, wetlands, dunes, and meadows do. Finally, natural beauty is a valuable and increasingly rare commodity, in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. Yes, golf courses can be aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint, but nothing can replace natural landscapes that have inspired so many Americans throughout the course of our nation's history (including myself). There comes a time when we must say enough is enough. Now is that time. Do not allow the Black River Forest to be destroyed. Do not allow this golf course to be built. ~ Brian


This is a beautiful woods with wildlife. Why would we destroy this fragile ecosystem for yet another golf course? I also thought that this land was gifted to the state or the town under the condition that it be kept pristine and not be developed.  ~ Deb


It's an absolute shame to decimate yet more beautiful forests for the sole purpose of another golf course. ~ Daniel


Isn't it obvious? Preserve the integrity of the river, forests and of mankind. It is our duty to serve our environment before petty desires of wealth. The destruction of this beautiful landscape and of the ecological wealth it holds would be a travesty.~ Nicole


It will destroy the ecosystem. No doubt tourists. ~ Aaron


The park has been a part of my family history for generations. We love the trees, the water and the wildlife it brings. A golf course will disrupt the natural preservation and aesthetic of such a beautiful place. Go golf at all those other nearby courses! Let the park and river thrive in peace! ~ Alison


This is an area of pristine woods and shoreline which is part of a delicate ecological system that supports area wildlife including bald eagles, deer and numerous song birds. This is also an area of homes served by well water which is very likely to be adversely affected by chemical and fertilizers used in golf course operation. While we fully appreciate what quality golf courses developed by the Kohler family have meant to Sheboygan this is not the place for that type of development. We urge Mr. Kohler to reconsider this proposal. We urge our state legislative representatives and our governor to offer Mr. Kohler fair market value for this property through state purchase and add this property to the Kohler Andrae State Park. Doing so will address the environmental issues and permanently add to the Kohler family legacy started many years ago making what is already a unique state park to one of the best in the state. Enhancing Kohler- Andrea State Park by annexing this property addresses the environmental issues, public access and will draw visitors of all ages and economic levels which is good for business in Sheboygan and the surrounding area. ~ Reggie & Barb


It will destroy a beautiful, natural area along Lake Michigan, it will draw upon our private wells to water the course, pollution of our natural waterways. ~ Joan & Jim


I grew up coming to the Black River Forest area multiple times a summer and look forward to bringing my children here to share the beauty and natural areas with them. I also studied ecology in Northern Michigan and the Great Lakes region. This area is close to my heart and I hope it can remain intact and unpolluted by golf-courses or other pesticide using, tree-removing, wet land destroying plans for generations to come. Please continue your good work to protect the land and the health of the Great Lakes communities!! ~ Cecelia


There is no need to destroy more of our natural diversity,and for what? Look what happened to the town Mosel, just ask how happy they are with Whistling Straits and what benefits they got out of it! ~ Robert


Are there not enough golf courses in this area? Is it worth displacing species and the disturbance of a natural habitat doesn't even make you think twice. For the people behind this -- tell your grand kids that you just don't give a sh** about a better earth.~ Joseph


This is one of the most pristine forest properties on Lake Michigan. It would be destroyed if it were turned into a golf course. The property should remain as is! It would take more than a hundred years to return it to its present condition if it were destroyed. ~ James


Environmentally, it's wrong! Golf courses destroy ecosystems and have little to no benefit to the local community. ~ Ben


 I lived in Sheboygan for 11 years and hope to return for visits. The natural areas are important for the current and future generations, for current and future wildlife, for plants and for the overall ecological health of the area. Installing a golf course on this specific property would be devastating for many reasons. ~ Mary


There is very little to gain from this project and everything to lose. Please preserve this area! ~ Sarah


I would like the area to stay as it is and not be sullied by the addition of yet another golf course.

This is an area that I enjoy and would like to continue to enjoy for years to come. ~ Jennifer


Access THROUGH the state park? Not to mention loss of this precious gem of forest and dunes. This must be stopped. ~ Deb


Save the water and the natural environment. ~ Rosemary


The Kohler golf course plan is not in the best interest of Wilson Township or its residents. Kohler has a negative track record with similar projects in other communities who thought that there would be a positive benefit to the local area. Deforestation of the wetlands and dunes will destroy the lake front habitat and ecosystem which will put endangered plants and wild life at risk. The run off of golf course chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers will add to the already high levels of pollution in Lake Michigan. This will negatively impact The State Park and tourism in the area. Additional traffic on local roads will disrupt the serene atmosphere of the surrounding neighborhoods. The local roads will be less safe for the many walkers and bikers who now use them. This project is not in keeping with the long term plans of Wilson Township and needs to be denied. ~ Sandra


I grew up in Sheboygan, and have done extensive research on the rare ecosystem that exists in the area. I do not agree with any plan to sacrifice that ecosystem forever, for the short-term benefit and enjoyment of a few. ~ Nicole


For all the reasons stated. ~ Tom


(1) Because I'm a supporter of the Great Lakes Alliance and other organizations working to improve the health of the lakes. (2) Because protecting the environment through zoning and land use laws is one of the only ways individuals can ensure the quality of life and environment in their own communities. (3) Because I'm against big companies and wealthy individuals determining the fate of small towns and compromising their autonomy through large amounts of money and coercion. (4) Because since 1997 I've spent inordinate amounts of time in the Sheboygan area, and see clearly that there is much more money to be made in Wilson and Sheboygan by encouraging local business development and tourism than by building a one off project that appeals only to high-income earners and creates only slightly-above minimum- wage service industry jobs. ~ Katherine


We need to preserve our natural environment, and the Town of Wilson had been previously under the auspices that the land was to be used for other purposes. I think Kohler just threw that in to get what he wanted. It was all a scam. ~ Dawn


I've walked these Black River woods for many years and just shudder at the thought of all those beautiful trees being bulldozed down to plant grass for fairways and greens so a small group of people can hit a little white ball around. Where will all the animals go when their habitat is destroyed? What will happen to the already "impaired" Black River when more pollutants (fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides )dump into it? We don't know the long term effect of deforestation of this land. I'm sure they aren't good. Finally, what about the effects on local/ neighboring wells? A typical Midwestern golf course uses 30-35 million gallons of water each year! That is a lot of water! Mr. Kohler, please go find some other land that could actually be improved by building a golf course and leave this pristine area alone! ~ Claudia


Preserve this beautiful area for all. ~ Mary Lou



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