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Proposed three buildings in Kohler Andrae State Park:

Proposed Roundabout entrance to  Kohler-Andrae State Park:

Land Swap Map, Feb. 2018

Land Swap Map 2

Map of proposed annexation

Proposed Buildings on state park land

Proposed Roundabout inside the entrance

Proposed Golf Course Map Plant Communities

Proposed well locations and draw down areas

Lake Michigan water levels

Wilson 20 Year Plan Map, 2.1, Town of Wilson

Minor Arterial Roads - green lines, none within 1/2 mile per Comprehensive Plan
Map of Sheboygan's Long Term Plan to Annex - The City is planning to extend water to the area, create a new business park and grab any new subdivisions. "The City of Sheboygan’s Comprehensive Plan calls for absorbing approximately 6,000 acres of Town of Wilson," Town newsletter, Spring 2016.

Sheboygan Cty Shoreline Ordinance
Sheboygan Cty Shoreland Zoning Map

1994 Black River Watershed Study

Wetlands Map, Town of Wilson

Wetlands & Environmental Corridors

Black River Watershed

Critical Watershed Areas

Woodlands map, Town of Wilson

Significant Natural Features map

Wisconsin Water Well Viewer

Deforestation Map (shown)

Sheboygan Cty Roads Map

Black River Trails, a proposed easement will cut off the southern loop of the trail system


The proposed golf course is slated to be built on 247 acres of pristine woods and ancient dunes of which 32 acres are part of the state park. The land runs adjacent to the Black River and wetlands to the west, Kohler-Andrae State Park to the south, the Timberlake subdivision to the north, and Lake Michigan on the east.

The map to the right shows the minimum amount of deforestation that will be required for the greens. fairways and features depicted in Kohler's concept plan, clearing at least 50% of the forest property. This does not include any additional clearing required for cart paths or changes to the site grade. Experts say that in a sand-based ecosystem, there is a tipping point where removal of trees will open up the forest to wind and other factors which could cause a collapse of the entire forest.


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