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Save Our State Park II - Photos by Dave Bruggink, Jayne Zabrowski and Jim Buchholz. Song by Sara Thomsen


Fight to Save Our State Park - What kind of precedence will it set if 4-5 acres of public land is just handed to a private company to be bulldozed for a parking lot and three maintenance buildings totaling 24,000 sq. feet? And as further insult, Kohler owns land that is connected to the north end of the proposed golf course where they could easily create an entrance and put these buildings. Please share with your friends.

Citizen Engagement - "Never doubt how a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed its the only thing that ever has."  ~ Margaret Mead

Master Plan Amendment to Kohler-Andrae State Park

Concerned citizens speak about the proposed Kohler golf course and money-driven politics in Sheboygan at a rally at the Sheboygan City Hall. 8/7/17

Local residents speak out about against extreme annexation proposal, 6/19/17

Roger Miller Explains a detailed description of the properties involved in the proposed annexation path.

Mary Lynne Donohue and Rosemarie Trester speak about the Kohler proposed annexation of land from the town of Wilson into the city of Sheboygan at a common council meeting 8.7.17

Dane Checolinski speaks during a common council meeting - Watch as Checolinski of the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation slanders and all-out attacks a local grassroots group who are opposed to the proposed Kohler golf course because they care about the environmental impacts to the lake, Black River, state park and greater Sheboygan area.

Sheboygan Plan Commission Meeting - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Transcript from FBRF Speech at the Bernie Sanders Rally, 2017

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